Finns tiden? Och andra saker man måste få veta klockan 23.15.

It’s late. I wish I were asleep, but alas, this night seems to be of the neverending kind. Especially since Mathilda is not yet asleep. She’s had a terrible migraine all day, and it messes with what little sense of time she actually has.

She IS tired, I can tell from her giggling and the way she talks. Like this sudden urge to discuss time and space, standing in my bedroom door.

”Mom, is time physics? Are there laws of time? Like, physics laws?”

”Well, actually, there are physicists who argue that time is not necessarily a thing, perhaps our brains are simply wired to perceive time, even when it is not there…”

”But time has to exist! Stuff happens! Things move!”

”I guess movement does exist, but it is not necessarily ’from A to B’, it could very well be in other shapes and forms. Perhaps several times can exist at once, even.”

”Hm. I guess!”

Big brother comes up the stairs from the basement. Mathilda turns to him:

”God night, Sami! Sleep tight!”

”Nope, I’m having a terrible nights sleep and you cannot stop me!” he laughs.

”Sleep tight, honey”, I say. ”And you too, honey!”

Samuel closes the door after him. Mathilda scampers into her room. And I, I can see my own overactive, troublemaking, over-tired brain in hers: ”I’ll be getting to sleep any moment, but first: Does time exist?”

Storebror kommer upp ur källaren, och Mathilda vänder sig till honom:

”Godnatt, Sami! Sov gott!”

”Nej, jag tänker ha en dålig natt och du kan inte stoppa mig!” skrattar han.

”Sov gott, hjärtat”, säger jag. ”Och du med, hjärtat!”

Samuel går in på toa. Mathilda skuttar in i sitt rum. Och jag kan se min egen överaktiva, besvärliga, övertrötta hjärna i hennes: ”Jag ska strax sova. Men först: Finns tiden?”


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