”I morgon bitti är det skola, Mathilda. Du kommer att vilja ha sovit, och inte suttit uppe och pillat med smågrejer. Du står till svars inför ditt framtida jag, inte inför mig, förstår du?”

At first I can see her forehead wrinkle, but then she smiles back at me:

”Are you saying there are multiple mes, mom?”

”No, I am saying there are multiple timelines and you be careful about which one you choose.”

”I save time by having multiple personalities, all being accountable to one another. It’s way more efficient than having multiple timelines”, Samuel grins.

”And if time was money that would undoubtedly save you some…” I answer.

”Yup. Supa rich. That’s gonna be me!”

Noah sums it up:

”That’s just how physics works.”

😀 #enlacasaWiman #kvällssitcom #thatshowphysicsworks


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