New category: English

So, I made a new category/tag called English for posts that are in English or translated into English after the Swedish text. I sometimes write in English because we speak a lot of English at home, partly because it is my second language, partly because for some reason my Aspies sometimes prefer English.

Enjoy! And oh, if you see a post in English that has not been tagged English, please let me know!

4 reaktioner på ”New category: English

  1. My (young adult) Aspie also seems to prefer English, especially when talking about “difficult” stuff. She also often asks me to help translate or find the right word in Swedish when writing so it is pretty clear she also thinks in English. No idea why, but the upside is she is a volunteer bi-lingual.

    She also speaks sufficient Spanish and Japanese – and whatever the Tolkien Elf language is called – to get by when needed so maybe it’s just her being good at languages and not an Aspie thing.

    • I believe it is an Aspie thing, as many young adults I meet also prefer English. Tony Attwood once said it’s easy to find the kids with Asperger’s in Australia, they are the ones speaking american English, because they didn’t learn to speak from their peers, but from media…

      • She says finding words that correctly conveys her message is easier in English and she often makes up her own Swedish words based on the English ones when she gets stuck speaking Swedish. I wonder if English speaking Aspies also prefer to use a second language? Like for example a British Aspie preferring to speak French or a Dutch Aspie using German? Or if this is, as with the Aussie Aspies speaking American English because that’s what’s on TV and in movies.


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